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Marriage requires hard work. It takes the efforts of both partners to achieve a positive outcome. But when one or both parties decide to get a divorce, you will find yourself with difficult questions to answer. How will you divide your things? Who gets custody of the children? What is your responsibility to your ex-spouse and children?

Even if the split was mutually agreed upon, you and your spouse may not agree on the answers to these questions. When you need help finding solutions to these problems, call the layers at Binsky Whittle.

Find an Advocate during Your Divorce

Ending a relationship is never easy. Whether you’re going through a divorce or filing for separation, you need someone who can advocate on your behalf. At Binsky Whittle, our divorce lawyers in Mississauga can help you reach a solid outcome during this trying time. We have helped people in situations like yours navigate the troubled waters of divorce and separation.

Our legal team can help you with the division of your assets and other aspects of divorce. We strive to settle things positively out of court, but if that becomes necessary, we will effectively represent you and your interests.

Meet with Our Family Lawyers

The Lawyers at Binsky Whittle understand the parents’ need to spend time with their children. During this difficult time, you need a family lawyer who can help you reach a settlement that benefits all parties. Our legal team works hard to establish custody rights and access to your children. We can also help you receive the right level of child and spousal support for your needs.

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Divorce and separation can take a toll on you mentally and emotionally, but it doesn’t have to devastate you financially. At Binsky Whittle, our family lawyers in Mississauga can negotiate your case without breaking your budget. If your marriage has reached a point where you need an advocate, contact the professionals at Binksy Whittle today.


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